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Counterweight Block used in Pyramid’s Grand Gallery


secret_of_great_pyramid_bookIn their book, ‘The Secret of the Great Pyramid, Bob Brier and Jean-Pierre Houdin lead us to their ides that the Great Pyramid was built with an internal ramp with spaces for turning corners at each end.

However, the greater suggestion for me is their explanation for the Grand Gallery. There are many convincing claims that the ‘air shafts’ are astronomically aligned but the idea that the Grand Gallery was built as a means to observe stars stars during the building of the pyramid never quite convinced me.

Instead Houdin explains how the Grand Gallery was required to hoist the large granite stones for the ‘Kings Chamber’ up to their required height inside the pyramid using ropes and a counterweight block.  That to me seems ingenious and a sensible idea to propose. I wonder if it gets us any closer to understanding how such large granite blocks were lifted and the function of the Grand Gallery?

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