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Gobekli Tepe Always Fascinates


gobekli-tepeA place that continues to fascinate.

Gobekli Tepe will most probably be identified in many reports and accounts that will be posted on this site. Here is one such account in a site that contains some of the best images I’ve seen of Göbekli Tepe, enabling us to see more clearly what it is we are dealing with.

Featured here is one such image from the site (credit not specified.) I like the honesty of the sites description of the Gobekly Tepe, given the uncertainty and guess work that surrounds the buildings purpose, if not just a dwelling, social place, a temple (as so often labelled), perhaps a place of governance or an observatory? I’d like to post all the images found on the site here, but because I can’t establish their ownership and permissions, I won’t.

For source information about the region Sanliurfa, Turkey and to see the excellent and informative images, click the link here (Sanliurfa, Turkey)

Gobekli-Tepe (image – wikipedia)

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